Signalling Simplicity when in Distress

More and more people call for distress at sea with their cellphones. This has led to the need for an easy-to-use and well-known distress signal that can be easily detected by other boats in the area.
Because UseaMy-SOS is connected to the boat’s navigation lights, your distress signal is always with the boat and you won’t waste time searching for the activation.

UseaMy-SOS is a patented new distress signal system which increases your chances of rapid assistance when in distress at sea. With one press of the SOS-button, all navigation lights start flashing SOS signals. 

In distress at sea, time is of the essence. With clear visibility, boats in your surroundings will be able to see that you are in distress and SAR can locate you more quickly among other boats.

  • Visibility in all directions
  • “Search and Rescue units (SAR) can identify and locate you quickly among other boats
  • With visual signalling taken care of, you can focus on the situation at hand
  • MOB situations are clearly signalled to the person in the water
  • The Morse SOS signal is well known even onshore
  • The SOS signal is flashed regardless of whether your navigation lights are ON or OFF
  • Signalling will continue until manually turned off

When are you allowed to use the SOSsignal?

In Port Alarms

UseaMy is able to signal in-port alarms with the vessel’s navigation lights if something is wrong onboard, even when the vessel is unattended at a dock or on a buoy. The device is programmed to automatically send out signals when there is too much water in the hull or the battery charge is too low.”

UseaMy–SOS is developed and manufactured in Sweden and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Simple to install on your own boat! – Read more here…

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