How to activate the SOS/MAYDAY function in a
life-threatening situation.

You can activate it with both the SOS button in your boat or the red SOS symbol in the UseaMy-SOS APP.

Lift the red cover and press the button for more than 3 seconds until the red light goes out, and then release the button. Now the Nav. Lights will flash the SOS signal until you press the button again.

If you have paired your mobile to the UseaMy-SOS device in the boat, the mobile will be woken up after the first SOS sequence, and you will have 3 choices in the mobile. 
(The same applies if you press the red SOS on the first page of the App.)

  • “Send MAYDAY”. If you choose this option, your position is transferred to SOS alarm center (same as 112) together with pre-filled info about your boat and your self. 
  • The second option is “Request Assistance”, which you use if “No life is in danger”. If you choose this option you will see useful phone numbers whitch can give you assistance to your need.
  • The third option is “Abort MAYDAY message to be sent”

If you don’t have time to handle your mobile, the App will (after 30 seconds) automatically select “Send MAYDAY” and send your position together with all the information you previously entered in Settings

If you have selected “Send MAYDAY”, the next step will give you an opportunity to easily describe the situation on board, this to facilitate the rescue effort. 

The App will continue to send your position to SOS alarm center every 5 minutes.

If/when you switch off the SOS flash on board, the mobile will also send to SOS alarm center that you have canceled the MAYDAY.


  • Help people in need and locate them away from danger. 
  • Give everybody Life Jackets to wear.
  • Count all person onboard. Is someone missing? If so, press MOB on gps.
  • Fight fire or stop flooding at your best.
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