Distress Signal For Navigation Lights

UseaMy-SOS is a patented new distress signal system which increases your chances of rapid assistance when in distress at sea. With one press of the SOS-button, all navigation lights start flashing SOS signals.
Our mission

Simplicity when in Distress at Sea.

In a world where mobile phones are more and more relied upon, and VHF radios and traditionally distress signals are increasingly underutilized in smaller recreational yachts, our mission is clear. 

We are dedicated to addressing this critical need by introducing a permanently installed Distress Signal solution onboard any yacht, that’s both easily accessible by any person onboard and recognizable all over the world.

Our commitment is to provide boaters and yacht enthusiasts with an innovative device. With a simple press of a SOS-marked button, it activates a synchronized display of the SOS signal through all the vessels navigation lights. Additionally, when paired with a smartphone (via Bluetooth), it autonomously transmits your GPS position, boat information, and vital data to a Search and Rescue center.

In a Distress at Sea, time is of the essence. With clear visibility boaters in your surroundings will be able to see that you are in distress and SAR can locate you more quickly among other yachts.


This installation describes the version with built-in Bluetooth.

The same unit works in both 12V and 24V systems

The easiest way

The easiest way is to place both the UseaMy box and the SOS-button near the switches for your navigation lights. It is possible to choose another place, but this may require more cable than what is included in the package.

Get behind

Get behind the switchboard and locate the positive (+) cables that go to all of your navigation lights. Mark which cable goes to which light with tape.

Start with the switch

Start with the switch that goes to your regular navigation lights (green/red/white). Cut the + cable after the switch. Extend the part coming from the power switch into the UseaMy box labelled ”Nav.Lights”.

Insert a new cable

Insert a new cable into the “Nav.Lights” and join it with the cut + cable that goes to the specific Nav.lights (green/red/white).