Here are some of the common questions and answers we have collected.

Can UseaMy-SOS negatively affect my Navigation Lights?

No. You can use your Navigation lights as usual. The + cables that go through the UseaMy box pass through a normally closed relay and when at rest do not affect the connection.

Why isn’t UseaMy-SOS equipped with an alarm that goes via mobile networks or other radio communication to broadcast the boat’s GPS position?

We are currently developing a new version with built-in Bluetooth BLE. With this, boat owners will be able to pair their smartphone with UseaMy-SOS, just as some cars do. If the SOS-button is activated, UseaMy will communicate with the mobile, sending the mobile’s position on to the rescue authorities. In addition to the position, they will also receive information about the boat and the reason for the distress as well as how many are on board.

Is it difficult to install UseaMy-SOS?

If you can access the back of the switches for your navigation lights (where the wires connect) then it’s pretty easy. For more details, please see our installation page.

If my boat has older navigation lights with light bulbs, how much power can pass through UseaMy-SOS?

When we developed the electronics in UseaMy-SOS, we took navigation lights with light bulbs into account. The recommended fuse for UseaMy is 20 Amps, i.e. a consumption of 240 W.
Normally, an old bulb for navigation lights is 25W. If all the nav lights onboard (5 pcs) are lit at the same time, the consumption is 125W, meaning there is generally an adequate margin..

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