How to Connect to Bluetooth and Wi-fi

To be able to take full advantage of UseaMy-SOS, if it is installed on board, you need to pair your mobile with UseaMy-SOS.

First time after installation.
It is now that you give UseaMy-SOS a unique name, for example the name of the boat. This is so that you can recognize your particular unit, in a harbor close to other boats.
To do this, start by putting UseaMy-SOS in WI-FI mode.
Hold the SOS button for about 10 seconds, release it when the button flashes slowly.
Search for “wifi_UseaMy-SOS-yourboatname” in your mobile’s “wi-fi network” settings.
The password is 123456 (this can be changed when you are logged in).
Go to a web browser and enter
Now you can rename the device.
Fill in information about the boat. This will make it easier for SAR in the event of an emergency. These boat details will always be saved in the UseaMy-SOS unit. This is because when someone else uses the boat, or if you have several boats. Then the boat info will always be linked to the boat in use.

Pair your mobile to UseaMy-SOS.
In order to have the best opportunity for professional Search and Rescue in the event of a Distress at sea, it is immediately crucial to send a Mayday with your GPS position.
UseaMy-SOS solves this by being paired with a mobile phone that uses Bluetooth. It works in the same way as when you pair your mobile with your car. This means that you do it the first time you use a boat equipped with UseaMy-SOS. The next time you enter that boat, your mobile and UseaMy-SOS will find each other, and you will receive a notice/confirmation that the information about that particular boat has been transferred to the UseaMy-SOS App in your smartphone. If you do not receive this notification, check that your Bluetooth in the mobile phone is switched on. Then search for the device called UseaMy-SOS_(boat name).
To pair.
Hold the SOS button for about 5 seconds, release it when the button flashes quickly.
Go into your mobile’s settings “Bluetooth network”. There you should see UseaMy-SOS-(boat name). Click on this.
The password is 123456 (or the password you chose when in Wi-Fi mode, see above). Now when you open the UseaMy-SOS App, you should be able to see your boat’s information in “Settings”